Welcome A New Sponsor to FTVLive!

Television news is in a big time expansion period right now. Stations are hiring more bodies, but they are looking for special people that can help fill unique roles.

Right now, if you are talent looking to land a job in TV news, this could be one of the most important times to have a TV Agent.

Most Agents are plugged in and know exactly what stations are looking for now-a-days. The times are changing and having an Agent right now is a huge advantage to anyone looking to land a gig in TV news. 

As most of you know, the Agents listed as sponsors on FTVLive, simply are the best of the best. FTVLive is the only TV website that has turned down advertising dollars from Agents that have wanted to place ads on this website.

FTVLive has a policy of only letting TV Agents place ads that are at the top of their game.

You may have noticed over the last few weeks that FTVLive has a new sponsor.

OTA Talent Agency is headed up by former Anchor and Investigative Reporter Jeff Marcu.

After a successful run as on-air talent, Marcu found that his true love was working behind the scenes helping develope other people's careers. Jeff puts in long hours and is always available to his clients. The guy lives and breathes TV news and finding and developing talent. 

Check out OTA Talent Agency's website and see how this young agency is making a name for themselves very quickly. 

If you are looking at advancing your career we can assure you can't go wrong using any of the TV Agents that help sponsor this website.

Remember.....Only the best of the best have their logo on FTVLive.