Former WCBS Anchor Pleads Guilty

Former WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison plead guilty and was sentenced to two years of probation on a misdemeanor charge Tuesday at Stamford Superior Court for calling and texting his estranged wife 109 times during a short period of time.

Morrison has maintained that he contacted his wife Ashley Morrison to check on the well-being of the couple's 9-year-old son Jack after the couple had a heated argument. He said he pleaded guilty to breach of peace, because he felt that it would be "selfish" to take the case to trial.

"At this point, it's long overdue, but this is a resolution that's good for my son, good for my wife and great for me," he said.

Judge Erika M. Tindill entered a protective order, barring Morrison from having any contact with his wife except through written communication. The written communication must pertain to the couple's son. Although the protective order is in effect until 2020, it can be modified. The protective order was proposed by the prosecution and was not agreed upon by Nancy Aldrich, Ashley Morrison's attorney.

Morrison said he will abide by the protective order, and he holds no grudges against the prosecution for requesting it. He said he will have to take "baby steps" toward resuming a normal family life, starting with requesting the modification of a protective order in the future.

"This case has been in the prosecutor's officer for a year-and-a-half," he said. "They're doing their job."

Morrison said he has been spending more time with his son, helping him with math homework, watching his lacrosse games and helping coach his basketball team. He said he hopes to one day resurrect his television career, and he is in talks to do an in-depth television interview. He hopes relaying his story on television will teach an important lesson to his son about telling the truth.

""In a nutshell, it's the story of a man who took a lot of things for granted in life, particularly his marriage," he said.

We're guessing if the interview does air, it will be during sweeps.

Just saying.... 

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