Missing the Days When Anchors Just Reported the News

When voters head to the polls on Tuesday, many will be voting on propositions. In Phoenix, On  voters will decide on Prop 487.

Prop 487 is a measure to reform the city's pension system and end pension spiking. Pension spiking is the practice of employees inflating their compensation in the years immediately before retirement, it gives them larger pensions that they otherwise would not be entitled to.

This has become one of the nastiest proposition battles in the city's history and people are firmly on both sides of the issue. 

Station insiders claim that KSAZ Anchor John Hook has turned into an advocate for the "Yes on 487" campaign.

"He has picked a fight with the Police and firefighters union because of his personal views -- and doing so using the station name. It is affecting the station image and how reporters are being treated when they are out on the streets covering fire and police," said one station source.

Hook has taken to his Facebook page with what clearly appears to be his own political agenda:

10 hours later, Hook posted this to his FB page:

Hook using the line "as a Journalist" in his post. I miss the days when "as a journalist" you just reported both sides of the issue and let the people decide. 

It would seem to us, that KSAZ seems to be letting this happen without reigning in their main Anchor. Kind of sad actually.

Just saying....