You People are Amazing!

Yesterday, I was once again shown how cool the people that read this website really are.

I told you that the computer that I use to update this site each and everyday is starting to have problems. The 5 year old iMac has had a great run, but his time his just about up and needs replacing.

I have my heart set on Apple's new Retina Display iMac which the company just released. Problem is, that iMac cost $2500 and the money is not in the FTVLive budget.

So, I asked you guys if anyone wanted to help out FTVLive and donate to help buy us a new computer?

A number of you did and FTVLive has already raised over six hundred dollars of the $2500 that is needed.

Some of the coolest people in TV stepped up and sent us some money to help us out. I am truly blown away by just how nice many of you are.

If you enjoy reading FTVLive and would like to help out, details on how you can do so are posted in ScottLand.