Despite TV News Best Efforts, Americans Fears of Ebola are Fading

Local stations and the networks have tried their best to scare the hell out of the American people with fear that everyone was going to die from ebola.

But, a new study shows that the scare tactics are losing their effectiveness. A Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that Fears among Americans about the Ebola virus appear to be waning.

More bad news for the TV networks, there is only one patient in the entire United States that is being treated for ebola right now. No American has died of ebola in the U.S. and despite news scare tactics, there has only been 7 cases total in the US and all but two of them were people that had traveled to West Africa. 

Unfortunately, American's fears in ebola are starting to wane, just as the all important November book is getting ready to start.

Damn you ebola!