Jeff Zucker Not Opposed to Airing Movies on CNN

As CNN boss Jeff Zucker tries to suck the last bit of news out of the cable news network, here comes another gem.

Zucker says that he is not opposed to airing scripted movies on what used to be a news channel. 

Zucker has already caught heat for abandoning hard news in favor of reality television and documentary features.

During a press lunch on Monday, Zucker said he would be “open” to such a move, saying in response to a question, “We have looked at that; thus far, we’re not doing that, but I’m not opposed to it. We have no imminent plans but it might be a logical extension in the next year of so.”

At the same time, Zucker acknowledged that he would likely face a backlash if CNN made the transition into fictionalized programming. “Some people would find it odd,” he said. But the “CNN brand has to evolve.”

"Fictionalized programming," didn't CNN already try that with Piers Morgan?

Just saying....

H/T Mediaite