Alaska TV Station Runs Wrong Political Ad

A controversial campaign ad that was pulled, still ended up airing on KTVA (Anchorage) and the station says it was their mistake. 

The ad for  U.S. Sen. Mark Begich had been pulled by his campaign because it had sparked outrage.

The AP says that Begich ran the commercial during Labor Day weekend. It attempted to portray Begich's Republican opponent, former Alaska Attorney General Dan Sullivan, as soft on crime.

The commercial featured a man identified as a former Anchorage police officer standing outside the home where an elderly couple was beaten to death and a family member sexually abused in 2013. It ended with the man saying Sullivan shouldn't be a senator.

Sullivan responded with his own commercial, accusing Begich of trying to use the case for political gain.

The suspect wasn't named in Begich's ad, but Sullivan's commercials did when he said he "personally put criminals away for life, and that's exactly where Jerry Active belongs." Active is scheduled for trial the week of Dec. 8.

The ad was not supposed to air, but KTVA did air the spot in one of their newscasts. 

"One-hundred percent our error," said Andy Tierney, the national sales manager for CBS affiliate KTVA. Tierney said the commercial mix-up came as an operator put in the wrong code for a different Begich commercial into the station's computer system. The two ads have similar codes, and the wrong one was put in.

"It was complete operator error on our part," Tierney said. "The Begich campaign had nothing to do with it."

Of course, this is the same station where the "Fuck It" Reporter quit on air after she announced that she was the head of a Cannabis Club. Maybe she left some product back by where the commercials are loaded.

Just saying....

H/T HuffPo