There was No Reshaping at ABC News in 2010

CNN's Brian Stelter says that CNN's recent massive cuts are more about "reshaping" than there are about layoffs.

Back in 2010, ABC News was undergoing a big round of cuts as well. The network was getting rid of 400 jobs and then New York Times Media Critic Brian Stelter wrote about the cuts.

At the time Stelter wrote in his Times piece, "More than 300 employees were approved for buyout packages. An unknown number were laid off. A person with knowledge of the cutbacks said 22 staff employees were laid off on Tuesday in a final round of cuts, but ABC would not disclose the numbers. Morale is very low, according to some of the dozen ABC News staff members who agreed to be interviewed for this article. Most spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized by ABC to speak publicly."

Guess when the same thing happened 4 years later at CNN, it had somehow become "reshaping."