Gannett Makes the Day after Christmas a Paid Holiday

Good News if you work at a Gannett station....

The day after Christmas just became a paid holiday for staffers at the Gannett stations. Gannett is having a really good year, with profits soaring, they decided to give a small token back to the employees.

The staff found out in a memo from CEO Gracia Martore, who said,  “Without your hard work, this company would not be in the terrific condition it is today,” she writes in a letter to staff. “Because of this, I want to give everyone special holiday surprise.”

Of course the day after Christmas still has newscasts that must be produced and aired, but even people that have to work will get a day off. If a staffer has to work the day after the holiday, they will be given another day off before the end of the year. 

Let's hope all the other media companies will follow suit and give you all an extra paid hoilday.

Just saying...