$650,000! Are you Kidding Me?!

TV Guide is out with a list of the highest paid TV stars and it should come as no surprise that actors sit at the top of the list. 

TV Guide says that new ABC Anchor David Muir is making $5 million a year. Which is interesting, because Scott Pelley at CBS has a lot less viewers and makes $2 million more than Muir does.

Then again, Robin Roberts has more viewers than Matt Lauer and makes $8 million less than Lauer's $22 million.

But, most surprising is that MSNBC is paying Ronan Farrow $650,000 bucks to put on his low rated show. 

In other words, Farrow is pulling in about 225,000 total viewers and is getting $650,000 bucks.

Doesn't seem like a very good return on MSNBC's investment, now does it?

But, when you think that NBC was paying Chelsea Clinton the same $650,000 for about 4 stories a year, that Farrow kid seems like a steal. 

Just saying....