Camera Found in Huntsville Station's Bathroom

Cops say they have found a camera in the bathroom at WHNT in Huntsville and it wasn't put there so Anchors could do news updates while sitting on the can.

The State Bureau of Investigation arrested sicko Jeremy Joseph Nelson and charged him with four counts of production of child pornography.

WAFF reports that the arrest stemmed from an investigation by ICE Homeland Security when they received a tip through their Cyber Crimes Center about Internet-based criminal activity in Huntsville. Cops busted Nelson for child pornography and also leaned that he placed a hidden camera at the Tribune owned station. 

The camera was found, removed, and sent to HSI's computer forensics laboratory for analysis. 

Nelson worked for Sanitary Systems, a janitorial service business that did work at WHNT. 

WHNT GM Stan Pylant released the following statement:

“Yesterday, the management of WHNT-TV was informed by law enforcement authorities that a man arrested that afternoon told them he had placed a video camera inside one of the restrooms at WHNT-TV. The man now in custody was an employee of an outside cleaning service utilized by the TV station, and said he placed the camera in the restroom while performing his duties for the cleaning service. During their visit to the station yesterday, authorities recovered a video camera from the restroom. No other hidden recording devices were found anywhere at the station. We are cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation into this incident.

The man arrested, Jeremy Nelson, has been charged with four counts of production of child pornography.

Our employees have been fully informed of the situation and we will continue to keep them informed about the progress of the investigation. We are also offering professional counseling and other support services to WHNT-TV employees. We have terminated our relationship with the cleaning service that employed the man in custody. Our concern now is for the well-being of our employees and the protection of their privacy. We would ask you to please respect their privacy, as well.”