The Poynter Advisory Board Roughing it at the Hampton Inn


The money must not be flowing as freely as in the past at the Poynter Institute.

Saint Peters Blog says that the Poynter Institute’s national advisory board is in town this week for its annual meeting and while there are few places better to be in January than St. Petersburg, Florida, it appears board members are roughing it this year as opposed to years past. 

During previous gatherings of the national advisory board, members were occasionally put up at the five-star Renaissance Vinoy Resort (when the rates were attractive, says one event organizer), home to a private marina, 18-hole golf course and 12-court tennis complex. Reportedly board members were given a voucher which covered all of their food and drink, which is quite a perk considering they could dine at The Vinoy’s exquisite restaurant, Marchand’s, or enjoy a cocktail (or three) on any number of the resort’s verandas. 

For this years summit, however, it appears the advisory board did not stay at The Vinoy. Instead, members were forced to rough it at the Hampton Inn.

Looking at newly-installed Poynter advisor board member Jim Brady’s Instagram account, who enjoys posting pictures under the hashtag #NightTimeHotelReflections, there is a shot of The Hampton Inn, presumably where Brady and Co. are staying.

Just look at how close those rooms are to the noisy courtyard pool!   

Times must be really tough for the Poynter Institute if they are making their advisory board members stay at a hotel without a decent hotel bar. Then again, no hotel bar is probably saving Poynter on the per diem.

A representative for the Poynter Institute declined to comment.