Popping up on PBS


4 Years ago, Doug Kriegel took a buyout from KNBC what the Peacock was doing some belt tightening.

He had been with the NBC O&O for 31 years. 

e has bound around at some other jobs but has landed at PBS in Southern California. 

Next Thursday he gets to do a show that is near and dear to his heart. 

Kriegel is producing and reporting a show called "The Drive-By Economist"  He is an ex-economist and was for 10 years the "Money Editor" at KNBC.

He tells FTVLive that The show is the only one to actually focus on the Southern California economy, which involves more than 6-million jobs and a total product of about $900-billion.

"The economy is the number one issue in people's lives but gets very little coverage on local television," Kriegel tells FTVLive. 

It airs Thursday the 16th at 5:30PM.