After Merger Gannett Gets Top Heavy


Take a bunch of bosses at Gannet and BELO, merge the two and what do you get?

It appears that you end up with a very top heavy broadcast company.

Gannett has finished their merger with BELO and David Lougee, president of Gannett Broadcasting, has named his new management team.

  • Executive Vice President, Lynn Beall — She will continue in her role as president and general manager of KSDK St. Louis.
  • Executive Vice President, Peter Diaz — He will also have several stations reporting to him.
  • Vice President of Sales, Angela Betasso — She will be centrally located in Dallas where she will also have the newly combined Gannett traffic operations group reporting to her.
  • Vice President of Sales Strategy, Dan Lyons — He will oversee Gannet’s new integrated digital efforts including the broadcasting portion of the newly launched G/O Digital efforts.
  • Senior Vice President of News and Content,  Rob Mennie — He will continue to be integral to content initiatives inside Gannett’s broadcasting division and across all of Gannett.
  • Vice President of News, Michael Valentine — He held this same position at Belo after a successful stint at Belo’s WFAA.

We have to wonder, what is the different about the job of Vice President of News and Content and the job of Vice President of News?

Just asking....