Viewers Chance to See how the Sausage is Made

 WTNH is giving viewers a chance to come tour the station and then go to dinner with Anchor Darren Kramer.

Not sure if it will be a reality tour, or one of those sugar coated fake tours. If they give the real deal, here's what viewers can expect if they win.

You'll tour the newsroom and see desks that are so messy, you'll want to contact the CDC. You will hear language that would make a sailor blush. It's likely you'll see a real live anchor bitching at a Producer for more face time. Of course you won't recognize the Anchor, because they have not put on all that make up yet. If you're a woman, you can expect one of the News Photogs to hit on you for sure.

Last but not least is dinner with the News Anchor. Now in your world, dinner last 30-45 minutes, News Anchors go to dinner for 3 hours or more. Just want to warn you.

Here's the station's post from Facebook: