Don't Go Outside Says the Reporter Standing Outside


You have to love how the newscasts are telling you how dangerous the weather is and that you should not go outside.

Of course they are doing this while standing outside in the very same weather that they are warning you not to go out in.

Because of the slow hurricane season, Reporters did not get their fill of standing in nasty weather and telling people how nasty it is. 

Thank God for the Polar Vortex!

Over at CNN, the network was boasting that they had sent a “California girl” to the depths of the polar vortex on Monday,

CNN repeatedly made correspondent Stephanie Elam trudge onto the banks of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis—current temperature -18° F with a windchill of -44° F — to report first-hand on the “historic and life threatening” cold enveloping the central states.

Bracketed by chyron alarms of “dangerous conditions” and warnings from authorities not to go outdoors unless it was absolutely necessary.

Here's video and by the way, If I see one more Reporter throw a cup of hot water in the cold air, I'm going to scream: