WHAT?! Station Agrees to Keep Reporter off School Stories


Earlier this week, FTVLive told you that KVLY Reporter Mellaney Moore was not going to be charred for entering area schools without permission. 

Now word comes that the station made an agreement with the school district to keep Moore from getting charged. 

KVLY signed a deal with school officials in Fargo and Moorhead agreeing not to assign school stories to that reporter for 90 days.

The agreement hashed out with school officials -- signed by the districts' superintendents as well as Moore, the news director and the general manager of KVLY -- say the districts will ask prosecutors to charge Moore if she commits any trespassing violations in the next year.

The mediated settlement specifies that officials from neither the districts nor KVLY will take retaliatory action against each other in the wake of the agreement.

It also bars both KVLY and school officials from making any public statements about Moore entering the schools. The only exception is district officials are allowed to say publicly they chose not to press charges.

The agreement states that KVLY may continue to cover the public schools, including investigative reports. The deal does require KVLY to follow all state and local laws in future reporting.

The districts agreed to provide access to all media outlets as the law requires.