Zucker Explores Moving Kate Bolduan off New Day


Back on October 14th of last year, FTVLive told you EXCLUSIVELY about the troubled times at CNN's New Day.

FTVLive reported that New Day Anchor Chris Cuomo told CNN boss Jeff Zucker that he thinks he needs a new co-anchor. Cuomo told Zucker that Kate Bolduan is not a good fit for him and he wants someone new. 

Now word is Zucker is exploring that option.

CNN sources tell FTVLive that Zucker is in talks with CNN's DC Bureau Chief Sam Feist about a new role for Bolduan in DC. 

New Day was a pet project for Zucker and CNN sunk millions into making a morning show that they hoped viewers would watch. They haven't and Zucker is coming to realize that changes are needed.

It appears that Bolduan is about to be the first of those changes.

Stay tuned....