The Weather Channel Rolled the Dice and Lost

 The American Bald Ego has gone silent

The American Bald Ego has gone silent

The Weather Channel figured when they asked DirecTV to give them more money to carry their signal it would be a slam dunk.

It wasn't and now TWC is fighting a losing battle to try and get back on the satellite provider.

When DirecTV first pulled the plug on TWC, the network pulled out The American Bald Ego AKA Jim Cantore to lead the fight.

Cantore ended looking like an idiot and hasn't been heard from in days involving the retrains spat.

DirecTV's CEO Mike White knows he's winning the battle and wrote and open letter to DirecTV customers on their website.

White says "We conducted a very thorough evaluation of the usage and value of The Weather Channel, and we determined it was worth one-quarter of the price The Weather Channel is demanding for their programming."

Which sounds about right since the Weather Channel is doing about one quarter the weather coverage that they used to. 

TWC would have you believe that millions of customers are dumping DirecTV and moving to another provider. 

In his letter, White calls B.S. on TWC's claims. "99.9995% of our current customers have voted to stay on the DIRECTV platform," White says.

So in other words, Al Roker is basically the only one to drop DirecTV.