CNN's Zucker "Comfortable" with Bieber Coverage

 Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker

CNN's boss says he has no problems that his network threw real news out the window and went wall to wall Bieber.

“I’m incredibly comfortable with the way CNN covered the Justin Bieber story,” Zucker said at the RealScreen Summit conference.

“It’s easy to pick on that coverage, and what people often do is they cover the Bieber story by deriding what other people are doing. That’s their way in. The Bieber coverage was never wall-to-wall…I don’t think CNN had it out of proportion at all. When you take the whole of what we do, it’s completely in the right proportion. No news organization is perfect, and CNN is not always perfect. But I think we had this right. We did cover the Bieber story, and I’m not going to apologize for what we did.”

Oh God....CNN is doomed.