Don't Say We Didn't Warn Her


When it was announced a year and half ago that Polly Van Doren would be the new News Director at WKBW in Buffalo, we warned her that it was an awful station, run by an awful company.

FTVLive predicted at the time that she won't last 18 months in that job.

She didn't.

Van Doren is leaving WKBW to become the News Director at WKEF in Dayton. 

Since WKBW would have such a hard time finding anyone that would want to take the News Director job, they said screw the whole hiring process and required job posting thing and bumped up the Deuce.

Assistant News Director Lisa Polster  now takes over the Titanic of TV news, until she has had enough and quits or gets fired.

By the way, Van Doren came to Buffalo from KOLR in Springfield, MO, where she had been news director for 14 years.

She couldn't even make it two years at the extremely awful WKBW. That should tell you something right there.