Dumped in Denver

 Gobsmacked Greg Moody

Gobsmacked Greg Moody

Well, so much for the arts.

Greg Moody, critic at large for KCNC CBS4 and champion of Denver arts and culture for more than 25 years, was effectively fired from CBS4 Friday. His contract was not renewed.

With six weeks left on his contract, Moody was told by Channel 4 News Director Tim Wieland that he is being released, and that it will be up to Moody exactly when he leaves. Moody intended to go on-air Friday as planned.

“I’m gobsmacked,” Moody told the Denver Post. 

The Post says it was unclear whether the decision was made at the corporate or local level. Calls to Wieland and to General Manager Walt DeHaven were not returned Friday.

Moody said he has “no intention of leaving the marketplace” after 25 years at Channel 4 and two years previously at Channel 9.

“It’s time to find a third act,” he said, noting that a recently completed play of his is getting readings and another book is in the works.

While the TV business regularly sees turnover, this departure is a blow to the wider Denver film/theater/fine arts culture. Moody’s reviews and endorsements regularly served to pack theaters and galleries. He was the last serious on-air arts reporter on the major local TV affiliates.

“How can a city like Denver be considered progressive when we don’t have a respected arts reporter on TV?” asked Lisa Gilford, producer and former Film Commissioner for the State of Colorado.

Well, since just about every other station in the country doesn't have an arts Reporter, FTVLive is guessing Denver will be fine.

Just saying....