Back On the Air in Cincy

Dennis Janson

Dennis Janson

Back in May, FTVLive told you that WCPO Sports Anchor Dennis Janson was leaving the anchor desk and headed to the station's website.

We also pointed out that he would be doing on air commentaries for the station. 

It's taken a while for that to happen, but Janson is going to be back on WCPO's air tonight doing his “My 2 Cents Worth” commentaries.

So what has he been doing between May and now?

"I bought investment properties, indulged myself by stopping at road side attractions especially overlooks, developed a lustful relationship with dusk and generally enjoyed myself growing facial hair. All the while knowing I had an understanding with management to eventually resurface in a new role," he tells FTVLive.

That new roles starts tonight, he says that  he subject matter is of his choosing will seldom involves sports, though his debut web offering is about Boomer Esiasons’ remarkable fund raising efforts ($100 million) for Cystic Fibrosis research.

Janson's new schedule will be doing columns for the website Monday and Wednesday  and will be on air with his commentaries on Friday. 

"As the kids say these days, “It’s all good”.  And as for there being “no second acts in American lives?” Well I’ll let you know," Janson tells FTVLive.