How I Work - Mendes Napoli

Let's head out to Beverly Hills land of swimming pools and movie stars to see how TV Agent Mendes Napoli works. Mendes is the head of the Napoli Management Group and talent agency that reps people in both local TV and the network level. 

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Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Current gig: Agent for TV News People

Current computer: Dell XPS   26” Samsung Monitor

Current mobile device: I Phone 5-  I pad Air

One word that best describes how you work: Intense
What are your favorite Apps that you can't live without?

Twitter, Facebook, Link-In  New York Times


What's your workspace like?

My office is all geared around the computer monitors and a large TV screen.  Most of my work includes the phone which is totally controlled from my computer screen.  I never have to touch the actual instrument formally known as a telephone.   My second screen is a live feed of all of the information we collect during the course of a day.

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can't you live without?  

My headset

What Music are you listening to?  

I listen to the BPM channel on Sirius XM but obviously not at my desk!

What's your sleep routine like? 

To sleep at 11:30 and up at 6:30

Best Advice you Ever Got? 

Stay focused on the tasks at hand

Best Thing About your Job? 

Helping people get a job

Worst thing about your Job?

Delivering bad news to clients