Welcoming BGA into the Fold

BGA image.gif

As FTVLive has told you in the past, we only accept sponsorships from the best companies in and around TV news. 

If it is not a company you can trust, you will NOT see their ad on FTVLive. We have actually turned down companies that have wanted to post ads on this website (how many other sites would do that?).

Today, we're happy to have the best companies in the business help sponsor FTVLive. We are also more than happy to add talent agency BGA to our list of sponsors.

BGA is a full-service Talent Agency specializing in Broadcast TV News, New Media and Writers for Film/TV.

The BGA staff has industry experience with today's top media companies including ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros.

A source of pride has always been in their Agent/Talent relationship and our continued commitment to provide guidance with strong ethical standards. That's BGA's guarantee.

The company has a strict policy of representing only a limited number of clients. They work closely with their clients, and matching their talent and skills to the right opportunities is paramount.

BGA helps build successful careers, and offer around-the-clock access to your agent.

You can check out their website here. 

We warmly Welcome BGA to FTVLive!