Milwaukee Anchor Sues Station for Fair Pay


Are the guys getting paid for than the ladies at one Milwaukee station?

At least one female Anchor believes that is the case and she's suing the station. 

Anchor-reporter Shari Dunn has filed a complaint against her employers, WDJT and it's owner Weigel Broadcasting.

Dunn says in her suit that there is "a possible pattern and practice of paying female employees less than male employees."

The complaint alleges that Weigel provides more high-profile opportunities for men and that it has created "a culture where the opinions of male employees are valued more than the opinions of female employees." 

The complaint also states race was also a cause for discrimination as was the fact that she opposed discrimination in the workplace.

The complaint was filed with the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, said attorney Nola Hitchcock Cross in a statement.

She said the case was expected to proceed to federal court on a class-action basis.

Dunn describes herself in the statement as a "loyal, consistent and eager employee." She was born in Milwaukee and attended Nicolet High School and Marquette University. She joined the station in 2009.

Station manager Jim Hall did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

H/T The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel