Look Who's Out the Door at CNN


Yesterday, FTVLive reported the story that CNN had disbanded their Diversity Council. We reported that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker made the move to make it easier to push some of the people on the council out the door.

We wrote: "Sources tell FTVLive that Zucker has quietly started looking for a replacement for Maria Ebrahimji.  

Ebrahimji is Executive Editorial Producer and main Booker at CNN. She has been at the network since 2008. She's also the Vice Chair sitting on CNN's Diversity Council. 

Ebrahimji is not the only council member on "Zucker's hit list." FTVLive has heard other names as well."

CNN says the FTVLive report was not correct.

But, the network did say that Johnita P. Due,  longtime chair of the council is stepping down. Due, the network says that she is  "transitioning out" of the council role.

Oh! The network also says that Maria Ebrahimji the council's vice chair is leaving the network to....you guessed it "to pursue other opportunities."

So the Chairman and the Vice Chairman are either no longer on the Council or working at the network altogether.

Not to say we told you so, but.....