Hmmmmm....Did Vegas News Crew Deserve what they Got?

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KSNV lead their newscast with an exclusive misdemeanor battery case.

So why is a simple misdemeanor leading the newscast? Because it happened to one of their news crews. And to be honest, we're not so sure the crew didn't somewhat deserve it.

KSNV Reporter Amber Dixon and Photojournalist Justin Michel were covering the story of the possible shutdown of the Las Vegas Zoo. The zoo is owner and director is a guy named Pat Dingle. 

Dixon knocked on Dingle's door to try and get a comment. Dingle told Dixon he did not want to make any statement and tried to shut his door. Dixon attempted to stop him from closing his own door.

So far other than trying to stop the guy from closing his own door, everything is cool. But, then the crew goes back later and knocks on the door again. The footage shows that this is happening at night. 

This time, Dingle is pissed off and comes out after the crew. Police cited him for misdemeanor battery.

The question is, why did the news crew go back after he said he didn't want to talk? The guy is sitting in his house in a pair of gym shorts an night and the news crew is banging on his door.... again. 

Obviously, this Dingle guy did not handle it the way he should have, but I'm not sure I blame him for getting pissed off. Also, when the story comes back to the news desk, the anchor promises to continue to cover this assault case "just like we would any assault case."

Yeah, because I'm sure KSNV covers all the misdemeanor battery cases that happen in Las Vegas.

Sorry guys....I'm not buying it. 

Here's the video: