Anthony Weiner is Looking for TV Gig

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The New York Observer has a piece Today on fail NY Mayoral candidate Antony Weiner. It seems that Weiner can't find an honorable job, so he's looking to go into TV.

Weiner began reaching out to agents who represent talent for television and radio as early as February of 2013–months before he began to seriously test the waters on a return to public life with an April New York Times Magazine story, according to individuals familiar with the conversations.

One agent he was said to have met is known for high-end placements on cable TV networks and represents many household names. According to an industry insider, Mr. Weiner wanted to gauge how a failed mayoral bid would impact his prospects of landing a lucrative TV or radio gig.

“He was exploring his options and what they were at the time and what they may be should he run an unsuccessful campaign,” the insider explained. “It just seemed that exploring his media options became a factor in running for mayor.”

Not sure agents would really want to touch Weiner (ha ha...get it) but the guy might fit perfectly on NBC's Biggest Loser. 

Ha Ha I''l be here all week, don't forget to tip your waitresses.