CNN Crossfire - The Review

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CNN's latest attempt to win viewers is by bringing back the show Crossfire. 

If you were looking for the show to be as polished as the last version, you might be waiting awhile. 

CNN decided to use pundits as anchors and it didn't work very well.

They kicked off with Newt Gingrich on the right and Stephanie Cutter on the left.

The two met in the middle of awkward, neither looked comfortable at all trying to host a show. They were both way out of their element trying to read the prompter and make a halfway decent transition. 

We're not saying that they show doesn't have some potential. Crossfire will be driven by how good the guests are and will be geared entirely to political junkies.  

But, just like I don't want to see Anderson Cooper trying to play Quarterback for the NY Jets, trying to turn pundits into anchors just doesn't work.

Many times watching Gingrich and Cutter try and anchor and their nervous laughter made you cringe.

CNN shouldn't have been so quick to move up the date of Crossfire and would have been wise to wait until the show was ready to hit the air. 

It wasn't ready last night and it showed.

It's like the old saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression.