RNC's Hollow Threat to Boycott NBC News and CNN


The Republican National Committee is making a false threat to NBC News and CNN. 

The RNC chairman Reince Priebus threatened to boycott NBC News and CNN during the 2016 debate season because of their planned productions about Hillary Clinton.

But, if the RNC wants to get their message out to swing voters, they need NBC and CNN more than the networks need the RNC. 

If the RNC wants, they can just grant access to Fox News. But, the thing is the people that watch FNC are going to vote Republican anyway. So talking to FNC is akin to preaching to the choir. 

It would be the same if the DNC claimed they were only going to grant access to MSNBC. 

To garner the swing voters, you have to get your message out to the middle. Two of the better places to do that is NBC News and CNN.  

The RNC is pissed because NBC Entertainment (NOT News) recently ordered a miniseries starring Diane Lane as Hilary Clinton. CNN also has a Clinton show in the works. 

If some network runs the movie Lincoln, will the DNC object and cut off access to the network?  

The RNC needs the media and they know it. They will not boycott CNN or NBC News. It is a hollow threat to try and get the GOP fired up.

Yes, they might boycott MSNBC, but those viewers are voting Democrat already. Plus no one watches MSNBC, so no big loss.

But the RNC will NOT follow through with their boycott of CNN or NBC News. 

And you can take that to the bank.