New Details on Texas Anchor's Arrest


FTVLive told you on Friday that KTSM (El Paso) News Anchor Adrienne Alvarez had the cuffs clamped on when police busted her after an incident at her home.

Now we have some more details on her bust.  Word is that police arrested Alvarez on domestic violence charges after they say she instigated a violent fight with her husband Hazael Dominguez.

The fight happened around midnight on Thursday at the couple's home. 

Cops responded to a domestic disturbance call and police established that Alvarez had been the “primary aggressor” in the scrap.

The Anchor was arrested her on suspicion of battery against a member of a household and transported her to the Doña Ana County Detention Center.

She was released later on Thursday after posting a $1,000 bond.

Of course her station is not talking about their anchor's arrest.  

Go figure....