Alert The Media...We're Taking A Day Off


After 196 straight days of work (more than 6 months) FTVLive is going to take a day off. 

Yep, we have updated this site everyday since February 4th. But Today there likely will not be any updates. 

As anyone that has worked in TV News longer than 10 minutes knows, August is the slowest news month of the year. Why do you think Brian Williams picked this time to have his knee replaced?

FTVLive has been macking it hard for almost 200 straight days and we have a busy day planned with some personal stuff we need to get done. 

We plan on taking off maybe one or two days more this month and then we'll try and go another 6 months without a day off.  

If you really miss us and want to show your appreciation you can always Click here and Support FTVLive.

Thanks for making our first 196 days as a free site a bigger success than we ever even imagined.  

You guys truly are the best.

By the way, since we are taking a day off, we want you to know it's OK if you want to take the day off as well. Go ahead and tell your boss that we have approved your time off.  

See you back here on Wednesday. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.