Sources: NBC Backing Away from Clinton Miniseries


You know that Hillary Clinton miniseries that has the RNC all up and arms and people at NBC News all worried? 

Well it is more than likely not going to hit the air at NBC. 

NBC sources tell FTVLive that the NBC suits have figured the Clinton miniseries " just isn't worth it."

Word is that NBC is going to let it quietly go away without saying a word. 

NBC does not want to make it look like the RNC or their own news people "got their way," so the project will likely die in the "in development" stage.

One NBC source told FTVLive that the miniseries has gone from a 90% "go" to more like a a 60% "No go." 

"They just want it to quietly die before it ever goes into production," said our NBC source. 

If people keep asking about, NBC might be compelled to make the miniseries so they don't look like they caved to demands of the RNC.  

Stay tuned...