Sloan Sabbith Jumps into Pie Dressed as a French Maid

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Speaking of HBO's The Newsroom. 

Many in TV News now know who Olivia Munn is, thanks to The Newsroom. Munn plays "Sloan Sabbith" on the hit HBO show. 

But FTVLive has been watching Munn for years when she replaced Sarah Lane on Comcast's G4 'Attack of the Show.' 

Munn used to get the geeks that watched G4 all hot and bothered with her stunts and her "I'll do anything attitude." 

One stunt that we remember well was Munn wearing a very sexy French Maid outfit and jumping into a giant chocolate pie.

Munn actually hurt hers knees on the jump, but it didn't make her any less sexy.

Let's roll the video from 2009: