Did Miami Station Steal Photo from Competition?


WPLG Reporter Jeff Weinsier had an interesting story after he obtained a picture of a Broward sheriff's sergeant driving with a large cardboard box atop his marked patrol car.

The WPLG story has prompted the sheriff's department to launch and investigation and they revoked the sergeant's take-home car privilege.

It was one of those shake your head stories that gets viewers talking.

But, Weinsier wondered after his story aired, how the same photo popped up on WTVJ the NBC O&O across the street?

It appears that WTVJ swiped the photo from WPLG's website with no credit. 

In fact just to make sure, Weinsier contacted the person that took the photo and asked him if he sent it to any other stations? 

The person emailed back : "Good Morning Mr Jeff Weinsier, I only sent this photo to channel 10 (WPLG) news I have not sent this photo to any other news stations or friends and I have not posted this photo on the Internet." thank you Eddie

So it appears that WTVJ swiped the photo from WPLG and used it on their air without giving them any credit. 

Kind of like what other TV websites do with FTVLive's content.