Reporter Says Chris Hansen Ruined her Career


Two days ago FTVLive told you that KSNV Reporter Kristyn Caddell joined the Vegas station four months ago, now she's out of a job.

Caddell is best known for her alleged romantic relationship with NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen.

Now Caddell is talking about her affair with Hansen and how she feels he lied to her and ruined her "promising" TV career. 

In an “open letter” she wrote for the National Enquirer, Caddell blasts her former illicit lover as a cad who not only lied to his wife but to her as well. She also blames him for ruining her once promising career.

Caddell, 32, says she met the 53-year-old “Dateline NBC” correspondent in a Palm Beach, Fla., bar in March 2011, and he led her to believe his nearly 20-year marriage was on its last legs, so he was free to date.

“Chris told me a divorce was inevitable and the wedding ring on his finger was all but for show,” Caddell recalls in her scathing letter.

“Over the next several months, our friend­ship evolved into a whirlwind romance. As far as I was concerned, none of it was being done secretively or concealed from the public.”

Hansen flew her all over the country, and the couple stayed in “the finest hotels,” according to her letter. They had dinner and mingled “with many of his colleagues,” and Caddell supplied The Enquirer photos of the two of them together in public places.

Caddell claims she didn’t learn Hansen was lying about his marriage until just before The gossip tab's exclusive report of the cheating scandal was published in July 2011.

“I don’t wish any harm on Chris, yet our affair has essentially destroyed my professional career,” Caddell wrote.

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