Bounced Palm Beach Anchor Now Selling Homes


Two years after WPEC refused to renew his anchorman’s contract Curt Fonger has reappeared in a new gig.

He's giving real estate a try.

“It was time to reinvent myself,” Fonger told Gossip Extra. “Viewers kept asking me when I’d be back on the air, but no television station manager asked the same question. So, I’m looking for listings.”

Fonger who spent 25 years in the Palm Beach market was pushed out when his contract was not renewed.  

The Anchor spent the last part of his career anchoring the news while wearing a bow tie. 

While he thought the bow tie was a good schtick, a number of viewers thought it was corny and more than bit tired. 

With the housing market heating back up, Fonger is ready to try his hand a real estate. 

And he's still using the goofy bow tie as a prop.

Someone needs to tell Fonger it's 2013.   Check out video of Fonger pimping his new gig and showing you how to tie a bow tie. Why?!