O-Town Station Tacks on More News


It's always good when a station adds more newscasts. 

In June, WFTV-Channel 9 added a half-hour 4PM Newscast and now they have decided to lengthen it to an hour. 

The new 4:30 news will replace "Family Feud."

"Our viewers made it very clear that what they wanted at 4 p.m. was a full hour of news," WFTV General Manager Shawn Bartelt. "We paid attention and made the necessary changes."

I always love when I read quotes like this...

Did thousands of viewers really call the station and say "we want you to expand that 4PM newscast to an hour"? Or did they picket out front the station demanding "more News!"?

Just how did the viewers make it "very clear"? 

I'm betting the truth is the station liked the ratings of the 4PM news and figured they can make more money selling news than they can syndication.  

But, it doesn't sound good when the GM says "we are expanding news, because it's cheaper to produce and we can still get money from the suckers that pay us to run ads." 

Anyway...like we said...no matter what, it's always a good thing when a station adds more news.