Fox News Anchor Headed to SoFlo


It appears that Fox News Anchor Rick Folbaum is leaving the Big Apple and headed to South Florida.

Nothing has been announced from Fox as of yet, but Folbaum's wife has let the cat out of the bag on her blog.

Folbaum's wife Kelcey Kintner writes a blog called The Mama Bird Diaries. on her latest entry she writes "We are moving. To the Miami area. I have lived in New York a long time and it’s hard to imagine myself as anything but a girl who lives in NY but now I’m going to be a girl who lives in FL.

Why are we moving?

Mostly because we want to wait in long voting lines and be swing voters. And eat dinner much earlier. Plus, my husband got a new job opportunity down there. Wrangling alligators I think."

Well, nothing is official, but we doubt that Folbaum will be alligator wrangling... it's likely that he has landed a TV job in SoFlo.

Folbaum joined FNC 10 years ago but left for three years to become an anchor at WNYW Fox 5 in New York in 2006. In 2009, Folbaum returned to FNC and currently handles breaking news for "Happening Now" during the week and anchors "America's News Headquarters" on Saturdays.

Now he's headed to South Florida and has already purchased a house, which scares his wife a bit. 

Kelcey writes "Because I was very pregnant when we needed to buy a house, Rick flew down to Florida and bought one. Except for photos, I’ve never seen it. This is a man that I would prefer not grocery shop alone and he has purchased us a house. I’m trying not to stress out about it. I mean, I’m sure I’ll love the Chia Pet carpeting and Western themed mosaics."

Stay tuned....