FIRST on FTVLive: Sources Say Dave Baer Out at WHP


It looks like Dave Baer is out as News Director at WHP in Harrisburg. 

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that Baer had been arrested by police last week in a prostitution sting. 

Baer was busted along with two prostitutes last Thursday, he was charged with soliciting. 

WHP has not commented on Baer's arrest and they have yet to release a statement. But, sources tell FTVLive that Baer has been let go from the station and a posting on the station's website seems to confirm that information. 

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 6.51.48 PM.png

On WHP's contact page, Baer was listed as the News Director, but his name has been removed and replaced with an Acting News Director.  

It appears that Stacey Hanrahan is now running the WHP News Department. 

So far WHP GM Arthur Hasson has refused to address the story of the arrest of Baer. 

Stay tuned....