Please Bear With Us

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This week FTVLive is showing you reasons why local TV news is losing their credibility.

From putting on fake mock weddings, to bringing cows out on the news set, local news seems to be dumbing down their newscasts more and more.

Let's head over to WJAR in Providence for the latest installment. The station reported that a man came in contact with a 300 pound bear (who was obviously standing on a scale, since they knew how much the bear weighed) and Reporter Julie Tremmel decided to show viewers what you should do when you come face to face with a bear.

No experts in her story and not a single shot of a bear. This was an "it's all about me" story that showed Tremmel giving "tips" on what to do if you're staring down a big bear. 

Here's the video and we are warning you, it's 40 seconds of your life you'll never get back: