OKC Weather Anchor's Bad Advice?

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FTVLive was watching KFOR's coverage of the tornados whipping through the area on Friday night.

Meteorologist Mike Morgan told viewers several times to "get underground or start heading south" if they couldn't find shelter.

It seems many of the viewers may have taken his advice and headed to their cars.

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Many of those killed were stuck in traffic on I-35 and I-40 and at least a few people think Morgan maybe to blame for the traffic back up. 

The KFOR weatherman is getting a lot of criticism on social media.  Viewers and other meteorologists say Morgan should have told viewers to stay where they are. 

NOAA Meteorologist Patrick Marsh says that "What KFOR told people to do could probably be considered a form of negligence."

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The station has yet to comment, but it will be interesting to see if they or Morgan say anything. Also, how will they handle their advice to viewers when the next tornado sweeps through the area?

Stay tuned...