That's the Face that Fired Me


It looks like karma has bitten (or should we say stung) a Harrisburg News Director in the ass. 

FTVLive FIRST told you on Friday (don't worry the other TV websites will get around to it tomorrow) that cops had busted WHP News Director Dave Baer in a Prostitution sting. 

Cops clamped the cuffs on Baer and two ladies of the evening late Thursday night. Baer has been charged with soliciting prostitution.

WHP has not reported the story and the GM of the station said he is not going to confirm the report to the press (someone please tell him, he is the press). 

The other stations in town posted the story on their websites, but made no mention of the fact that Baer was the News Director at WHP. 

But, Kirk Wilson who was fired by Baer because he was "painful to watch" confirms that the "John" arrested is WHP ND Dave Baer. 

“That’s the face that fired me,” Wilson told the local paper in reference to a mug shot of David Baer issued by Swatara Township police.

No word yet on what Baer's status is at the station. He's only been there a couple of months.  

Wilson also added that Bear used “poor judgment” when he fired him in late May. 

We're going out on a limb here and saying that isn't the only time Baer has used poor judgement.