Want to get on the Today Show? Here's how...

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So you have always wanted to get on the Today Show.  

You want to sit on the couch with Al, Natalie, Matt and Ann....errrrr... Savannah.

We're going to give you the secret to land a segment on Today. 

Fuck up. 

That's the secret to get on the Today Show.  

This morning, the Today Show had on as a guest Miss Utah Marissa Powell. Powell is a 21 year old that can't string together a coherent sentence and was seen mumbling and stumbling at the Miss USA pageant. 

Many other Miss USA contestants were able to answer the question asked of them with some intelligence....but you won't see them on the Today Show. 

Many of you are news anchors and do a very good job of delivering the news. Yet, you have not been asked to join Matt Lauer on the couch at Today. 

But, A.J. Clemente landed a segment on the Today Show after anchoring just one newscast. He started the newscast with the words "fuck'n shit" and the next thing you know, he's gabbing with Matt and the rest of the gang on NBC's morning show.  

So, if you're looking to land on Today, stop doing your job well and start screwing up. That could get you a spot next to Matt, Nat, Al and Savannah.  

Don't you just love TV?