Former Sin City Anchor Tossed from Vegas Show


It appears that Former Las Vegas Anchor Ron Futrell misses not being the center of attention.

Futrell was escorted out of liberal comedian Bill Maher’s show at the Palms Hotel on Saturday after a heckling incident.

The former sports anchor and daytime anchor who was fired from KTNV in 2008 says he was offended that Maher mocked special- needs individuals by using the “r word” against Sarah Palin’s special-needs son.

“I’ve got a son with special needs,” Futrell said. “It didn’t surprise me that Maher said it. It surprised me that a lot of people laughed at that joke.”


Futrell said he moved down from his original seats in The Pearl concert venue to “about the 50th row” to engage Maher.

“Halliburton? It’s 2013,” Futrell said several times, until he got Maher’s attention.

Responding to Futrell, Maher said something to the effect of Halliburton still being a major corporation in 2013 that was ready to start the next war so it could start ripping off the government again and billing taxpayers for $45 cases of soda.

Still addressing Futrell, Maher then added what sounded like “you wack job.”

When Maher returned to his stand-up, Futrell continued to make comments while typing on his camera phone.

A male member in the audience stood up in front of Futrell and said, “Excuse me, we came here to hear the show not you.”

When Futrell continued to react out loud, the audience member went to get security as Futrell started shouting, “Who’s the president? Who’s the president?”

Futrell said he agreed to leave.

He didn’t consider it as heckling, he said.

Asked whether some might consider his actions a politically inspired publicity stunt, Futrell said “that never entered my mind.

“I went there to be enlightened,” he said. “I like hearing from both sides.”

He added, “I have found out one thing. The left doesn’t like to be confronted.”

H/T Las Vegas Review Journal