Still Bitter in Austin


Last week, FTVLive told you that KXAN has cut ties with Investigative reporter Chris Willis.

Although we are supposedly in the communications business, KXAN GM Eric Lassberg and news director Chad Cross are not talking about why Willis is gone?

Sources tell FTVLive that Willis was forced out. 

But, just because GM Lassberg isn't talking, it doesn't mean  someone else is talking about him.

In the story on about Willis being out at the station is an interesting comment by former KXAN morning meteorologist Shawn Rutherford. 

Rutherford was fired from KXAN by Lessberg and judging by the comment he wrote, we're guessing Lassberg is not his most favorite TV manager. 

Here's Rutherford's comment he wrote on the Willis story:  

Shawn-Rutherford-Shawn Rutherford Texas-.jpg

"HR practices with KXAN are questionable and Lassberg has zero ability to lead other than that which he's read in the motivational books, he so often quoted.

KXAN still has a great many people within it that can easily improve ratings but until Lassberg "finds his cheese" and can "steer his boat" and whatever Zig Ziglar said... he's dragging KXAN down. 

I know this from my experience of him, if you employ crooked people and somebody files an HR complaint against them... you're toast. 

I don't think the viewing public realizes just how many valuable KXAN employees have been fired and/or have quit KXAN under his reign. When you've fired so many people, maybe the problem is the person firing them.

Regarding Chris Willis... I've known him for 13 years and when you get up at 2:30am, for 12 years, to anchor a show with someone, you get to know your co-worker pretty well. Chris is as true as they come and honestly all that mattered was what Chris put on the air. He was solid, bold, honest, credible and very smart. He was like a brother to me and he will be missed here but he will land solidly on his feet, no matter where he ends up. 

Eric Lassberg will hide behind his corporate lawyers but he won't ever face the truth until corporate cans him as well, just like they' did with the previous GM.

Am I bitter about losing my career at the hands of Eric Lassberg, Sure, it used to bother me, but my departure didn't seem to help KXAN's ratings, so it must be something else.

You be the judge."