New Vegas Reporter has Tabloid Past

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Las Vegas station KSNV has hired a new reporter, but hasn't made the usual announcement that a new on air member has joined the station.

The Sin City station hired Kristyn Caddell as a reporter.

We're sure that the name doesn't ring a bell with most of you, until we tell you this.

Caddell is the woman that The National Enquirer taped having a cozy dinner at the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach in Florida with Chris Hansen, host of NBC’s “To Catch a Predator.” It was reported that Hansen was married.

Caddell was working at WPTV in West Palm Beach at the time of the Enquirer's story and word is she has been at the Vegas station for a couple of months. 

The Enquirer also reported that Hansen was seeing a Las Vegas resident, Kathleen Collins, at the same time. Collins was identified as a dancer.

Interesting that now both of them are in Sin City.

H/T Las Vegas Review Journal