Former St. Louis Anchor Files Lawsuit Against KMOV


Not only was Larry Connors being targeted by the IRS for his interview with President Obama (according to him).

He was also paid less because he was a white old guy (according to him).

The fired KMOV Anchor has filed and discrimination suit against KMOV.

The station fired him after he posted on his Facebook page that the IRS was "hammering" him after an interview that he did with Obama. 

It appears that Conners believes that his firing maybe due to the fact that he had been complaining that his black female co-anchor made more money then him and he took the station to arbitration.

In the lawsuit against the station Conners says:

"Beginning in December 2010, I have complained to KMOV management about the disparity in pay between me and my previous co-prime anchor, Vickie Newton, an African-American female; I claimed that I received less compensation than Newton because of my race and gender. Ultimately, my complaints resulted in arbitration against KMOV and Belo. Since that arbitration concluded in April 2012, I have been treated differently by KMOV."

Conners says he was demoted to the 6pm newscast after previously anchoring the 5pm, 6pm and 10pm newscasts. He was taken off covering breaking news stories in the field and offered a short-term contract of 16 months. He says other employees who had, “less experience, less seniority and lesser public recognition” were offered the prime anchoring spots and three year contracts.

So not only was the IRS targeting him, his own station was also picking on him. Poor Larry, everyone is ganging up on him.

Do you want some cheese with that whine Larry?