MSNBC Sinks in the Ratings

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After a strong February book, MSNBC Boss Phil Griffin boasted that his network was taking aim at Fox News.

He said he expected MSNBC to pass Fox News in the ratings by the end of 2014.

So how is that race for the top going for Griffin and MSNBC?

The cable network finished the May book in 4th.


"Phil Griffin is either, Very confident,  very optimistic , or he's smoking crack,"
FTVLive wrote back in March when Griffin was making his predictions of passing Fox News.

As FTVLive predicted, Chris Hayes show "All in" is leading the charge to the bottom of the ratings. Hayes show reached a ratings low during the May book. On May 14 the show pulled in just 396,000 and its second-lowest demo audience of just 88,000.

It might be time for Griffin in the gang at MSNBC to take their focus off of Fox News and worry more about getting out of the ratings basement. Maybe try focusing on getting to number 3 in the ratings, before worrying about number 1.

Just a thought.